I definitely think the nesting bug has settled in for me, and it’s probably driving Joe crazy at times! We’ve gone through boxes and files, and more files and lots of papers. Furniture is being moved inside the house and is scheduled to be moved out of the house in less than two weeks. Its crazy, when this bug hits, it hits hard. I read an article a few days ago saying that the nesting urge hits around month five, and sure enough, that’s when it hit!

I’ve gone through old files and new files, combining them both. I’ve shredded bags upon bags upon bags of old documents and bills. Now our filing cabinet is as close to immaculate as I will probably ever have it.

I’ve slightly rearranged a few things in our bonus room (and by slightly I really do mean slightly). We’re moving a cabinet that Joe’s grandfather built out of the guest room closet and into the bonus room, and end tables that flanked the couch are now repositioned beside the couch and chair. Cookbooks and cds have found a new home inside the cabinet. Books (and boy do we have a ton of them) have been rearranged. Magazines and medical journals have been sorted and chucked.

Our guest bedroom is slowly being converted to a nursery. We’re installing (or having installed) an Elfa closet system for the nursery. This serves the purpose of not only having more storage and hanging space, but also allows for lower hanging bars for the little one. Once he is big enough, he can start hanging up his own clothes, can help pick out his own clothes, and can learn to dress himself.

My sister and brother-in-law are helping take the guest bed and  ladder bookshelf away for us. We’re also going to be installing new windows for the nursery. Hopefully some that are more energy efficient and actually seal all the way shut, with no gaps that allow air to flow freely in and out. The dresser and crib are going to be ordered by the end of the month. And once those are delivered, we’ll really be able to build our nursery!

I’m trying to sell a few items I brought with me into the marriage- wall pictures, lamps, etc. I’m going through clothes and getting rid of a lot of stuff. Some stuff will end up at Goodwill, some at consignment stores, some in a yard sale, and of course there is always the stuff that finds its way into the trash can.

At some point I’ll have to go through my crafts and really downsize those. But that probably won’t be for quite a while.

I need to buy or make curtains for our bonus room, and then I’ll have to figure out something for the nursery too.

And then there is downstairs…our kitchen needs some TLC. Its a place I make and do for others, but it needs and deserves its own love as well. I’ve thrown away almost all of of our plastic storage containers and replaced them with glass (thanks to an incredible sale through on pyrex)

One of my “goals” for the new year was to make at least 8 new things on my list. One of those was THIS shower cleaner recipe I saw on Pinterest. I made it earlier today and it definitely gets two thumbs up! My shower is much cleaner with less effort than I’ve had to use before! Soap scum be gone! If you decide to make it, let me suggest a few things. First, make sure your spray bottle works BEFORE you put your soap/vinegar mixture in. Trust me, you’ll have much less hassle. Because I found this out the hard way, I had to climb in the shower with the bottle and a sponge and scrub everything down that way. If you have stubborn spots or haven’t cleaned your shower in the past month or so, be willing to let the solution sit for more than a few minutes.

We’ve still got so much to do, and less than 20 weeks to do it in! Crazy isn’t it?

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