Welcome to Chaos Central!


Today is a big day! Really big! We’re finally having the rest of our house painted. Well, the rest of the house that I started to paint and never finished. One wall in our living room, our foyer, and our stairwell. There are still plenty of rooms that need to be painted. But its such a relief to have this completed. And even better yet, there have been holes in our guest bathroom wall for over three years that have been nagging at me. The builder covered them up behind the light fixture and when we switched fixtures out, we found them. Now, they’re being fixed!!!

And while the painter is here, I’m “stuck” in the kitchen. More like, I could be in one of three or four places, and the kitchen seems to be the place I can be the most productive. Cue freezer cooking day…Round One.

Last week I made a rustic apple tart to freeze and yesterday I made the most amazing smelling cheesecake ever. A cappuccino fudge cheesecake. Seriously, its a good thing I’m pregnant and can’t do caffeine and that I’ve got gestational diabetes and can’t have sugar. If neither of those were the case, I’d be inhaling the cheesecake today. Thanks Pinterest for the recipes!

Today I’m working on a few different things. Shepherd’s Pie, though I doubt I’ll be able to finish it up today. I like to add a roasted carrot puree on top, but forgot the carrots. I’m also going to be doing burritos (today or Friday), marinara sauce and meatballs, throwing together a pan or two of meatloaf and maybe one of baked spaghetti. On Friday I hope to accomplish a little more with another baked pasta dish and twice baked potatoes, as well as a few bags of shredded chicken to have on hand for a few simple meals such as enchilladas and chicken casserole.

(If you need a painter in the WF area, let me know!!!)

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