The Final Four


I’m not talking about college basketball here, I’m referring to the fact that we’re down to the final four (and a half) weeks left until our due date! Which roughly translates to “oh my goodness, where has time gone, I have so much left I want to get done, but not nearly enough time nor energy.”

One thing I won’t miss too much is the twice daily finger pricking, blood sucking tests for my glucose. I’m happy to report that my gestational diabetes has been strictly controlled through diet alone. No meds needed! I do miss milk…and cereal for breakfast…and fruit. I’m looking forward to eating less eggs, and not having to cook breakfast every day.

This past week was a little rough. I got a bit accomplished, including things I hadn’t planned on, such as cleaning out from under the kitchen sink and reorganizing that space. Sadly though, I never made it to the gym to work out. At the end of the week before, I started coming down with a head/respiratory funk that has stuck with me since. I am tired of it for sure! And then there was the issue with one of the informational displays in my car deciding it didn’t want to work anymore. Lucky me, this hasn’t been documented happening on any other Prius in the country.

This week is back to first shift work. The two days I have off, really aren’t going to be time “off” considering the amount of stuff I’ve got on my calender. Joe has FINALLY been approved for Xolair, after years of denials from insurance. He has his first shot at approximately the same exact time I have my 36 week check-up. Thankfully they’re across the street from each other so we can ride together (hello $4/gallon gas).

Goals for 4/15-4/21


Clean master bathroom

Dust baseboards and ceiling/corners throughout the house

Clean all ceiling fans

Try to make a little headway in cleaning out the sewing room, which has become the “throw everything that doesn’t have a home into it” room.

Touch up paint throughout the house


Search for birth announcements  Search turned up thousands of options. I was really hoping to use the same (local) company that we used for our wedding stationery, but they’re pricier than other companies. I suppose we’ll decide when the time arrives

Hang sign

Continue search for clothes hamper Found one! On the clearance rack at that!!!


Read Bible together 2 nights during the week


Begin reviewing Bradley book

Preparing for natural childbirth/health/general well-being-

-Try to make it to the gym at least once, obviously this is schedule and health dependent.

Meet water goals 5 days during the week

Breathing, relaxation, and visualization techniques – 2 days, 30 minutes each

Life in general-

Write 8 thank you cards for gifts

Return baby clothes, and order different one

Blog “after” pictures of our linen closet

Enter Coke rewards points

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  1. There are a million and one online options for birth announcements…anyone and everyone will print you some. Just google it and start looking for something you like at a price you are willing to pay.

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