2 Months!



Happy 2 months (and 4 days) little guy! The past month has flown by, yet crept along, all at the same time. Last week I had to pack up all of your newborn clothes and some of your 0-3 month things. It made me a little sad to have to put them away, but at the same time I’m looking forward to the days ahead! This past month has been filled with a few new things for you.

– You took a bath in your whale tub for the first time

– We recently started putting you in cloth diapers. When you were in your very first one, you decided to have a nice big blowout. I wasn’t prepared for that! But it has gotten a little better each day!

– On a few occasions, you’ve started rubbing your eyes to indicate that you’re sleepy.

– You still hate the pacifier, which I’m ok with. It will be one less habit we have to break in the future!

– You have become fascinated with the little birds that hang from your bouncy seat. Because of this, we have set up a play gym on the floor for you and put your mobile up in your bed. You love looking at the toys hanging above you, and find yourself amusing in the mirror. Your play gym has a little piano that you love to kick, but you’re not always fond of it making music.

– You have developed the need to grab things! Most of the time it is my hair or shirt, but we’re working on grabbing other things too!

– You do not like excessive noise. For example, if the tv is on or is on too loud, you get quite fussy! You tend to enjoy it being quiet much more!

The neatest thing that happened over the last month was that your baby Spock picture went viral on the internet. Actor George Tekai, who played Sulu on the original Star Trek posted your picture on his Facebook page too! People from all over the world saw you when you were only 6 weeks old!

 The things I’ve absolutely loved?  Your smiles and laughs, even at 4:00 in the morning when you’ve not let me sleep very much!

 The main challenge this past month has been with your sleep! You still do not like sleeping at night, and honestly some days don’t like sleeping then either. I guess you’re fascinated with the world around you! You did give your mama a nice three and a half hours a few nights, but that was sadly short-lived! Most nights it ranges from 45 minute sleep intervals to two and a half hours. We feed you like crazy, especially before bedtime, hoping a full belly will help you sleep better. We’ve tried white noise and silence, night light and darkness, motion and stillness. You’ve developed a true hatred for swaddling and fight to get free, but without being wrapped in some way, your hands and legs fly freely about and you keep yourself awake. Part of the problem lies with your reflux & gas, but I just think you are curious and don’t want to miss a minute of the world around you!

Yesterday you had your two month doctor’s visit. You’re doing really well and gaining weight like a champ! You weigh 11 pounds and 13 ounces and are 22 inches long. You had a few shots yesterday too, but took them like a champ and only cried for a minute.

This coming month I pray for you  to develop more skills and your curiosity to grow even more! I’m also continuing to pray for much better sleep habits! While I’m looking forward to 4-5 hour stretches of sleep, I’m mostly looking forward to being a better mama, which will come when I’m more fully awake, not stumbling through life barely able to open my eyes and in pain from the exhaustion.

Love you little one!

Here are pictures from when your Grandma and cousin Katie came to visit!

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