For Our Anniversary, We’re Letting You In On Some Secrets!

Today we celebrate five years of wonderful, wedded bliss! We knew from very early on that God had a great plan for our lives together. It was a beautiful sunset on the island of Maui when Joe asked me to be his wife, and hot summer evening when we said “I Do!”.
Though our journey may be short up to this point, we’ve battled through some tough things together, as a team. The Lord led us through those – from finding a new church home where the Word is not only preached, but lived out each day, to providing a support system for us through the battle of years of infertility, and providing friends when we lost our baby.
We trust the Lord has great things in store for us, not only in the next five years, but the next twenty-five. He’s provided for us each step of the way, and we couldn’t be more thankful.
His blessings continue to pour out on us! We’re humbled to announce that, once again, God has provided the blessing of another baby! We’re looking forward to the addition coming to our family later this year. Our due date is quite indicative of how we feel – Thanksgiving. The mental and emotional battle of infertility and loss changes people. I ask that you join us in prayer that God will continue to provide life for this little one, and that (s)he continue to grow healthier and stronger each and every day.
We’re also excited that God has provided an amazing opportunity for us to serve in Charlotte. We will be relocating in September, and with the transition comes so many blessings. We’re thankful to be moving closer to family, especially with a new baby on the way. Joe’s new job comes with the blessing of more time for family. No evenings/nights, weekends only in emergencies, more vacation time. No more getting up at 5:30 to head to the hospital to do rounds.
I cannot begin to tell you how God moved in this situation. It was mind-blowing. From the time we started looking and the interviews began, offers we’re given from places across the state. But our heart was always closer to family, even though there were no positions that we could find. But God knew our hearts and God provided!
So, we’re moving and we’re having a baby in a very short span of time! Over the course of the next two weeks our house will be partially emptied and then will hopefully be going on the market! I’ll also be posting pictures of Jonathan’s big brother announcement once our anniversary vacation is concluded!

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  1. Congratulations! I had a sneak peek on the move, but the baby is a wonderful surprise to read about! So very happy for you…it will be so beneficial to be near family and in a better job when the new one arrives…but we will miss yall here!

  2. OH my goodness! Such exciting news. God is definitely a work, and thank you so much for sharing what he is doing in your life. Happy 5 years to you guys. We still loving documenting your wedding, 5 years later!

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