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Beautiful blue bedroom by Better Homes and Gardens

I'm always looking for new ways to cook pork chops! I may have to give this one a try

Christmas in the spring and summer!

Great marriages take God and take work! Here are some ideas inspire

Lets face it, we all face tough battles sometimes. Why not brighten someone's day with a box of sunshine? Such a GREAT idea!

Love this outfit, but would opt for flats and non green nail polish

Lets Rock This


Let the countdown continue! We’re now at 9 weeks left before our due date, and still plenty left to accomplish! But that’s ok, we’re going to rock this! Last week was really successful as far as accomplishing the majority of my to-do list, which is opposite of the norm here lately! I feel like I set a reasonable set of goals, each of which was attainable! And the success didn’t stop at what I had on the list. I did get more accomplished!

Two things from this past week stand out most. First we were able to have another ultrasound and see our little guy. He definitely proved to us his gender, but did not want us to see his face! His hands covered his face the entire time!!! Maybe he’s going to be shy? The second thing that stands out is a conversation Joe and I were able to have regarding our marriage and our future as parents. God is amazing in how He, when we allow Him to, orchestrates the details in our lives. We’ve been married almost four years now. Our marriage grows stronger each day, and its all because we allow the Lord God to be at the forefront of everything we do and how we treat each other!

This week has some exciting things in store as well. Or at least I’m excited about them! After having my linen closet organization project on hold for the last month and a half, my back ordered baskets FINALLY came in!


I am beyond thrilled that I can finally get to this project and get it crossed off my list! I’m also going to be able to finish reorganizing our laundry room this week as well! I was able to start, but I needed a few things to finish the project, so I stopped at the end of the week. The number one reason I need to get our laundry room organized is because I store some products on the floor. Once we have a little one, all cleaning chemicals will need to be high up, out of reach! Plus getting it more organized will make doing laundry less frustrating- no more piles of things in the corner or on top of the dryer. I didn’t take “before” pictures, but will post pictures of both the linen closet and laundry room once I finish!


Goals for 3/11- 3/17

Household organization-

Finish reorganizing laundry room

Linen closet project  with the exception of ironing/folding a set of sheets and doing a small repair on my old blanket before putting away, the linen closet is FINISHED!

-Replace lightbulbs in upstairs hallway


Read Bible together 3 nights during the week

Spend quality time together, away from tv and computer

Reading list-

-Finish reading The Happiness Project – I won’t finish, so I’ll just continue reading :)

-Start reading another breast-feeding book – This won’t be happening this week, too much going on!

Nursery/Having a baby-

Start organizing nursery and putting things away

make up crib

order nursing bras  (Thanks to my friend April for brand suggestions!)

Health/Preparing for Natural Birth-

WATER! Meet goals at least 4 days during the week

-Workout at least twice  Such a slacker this week. I only made it to the gym once

Relaxation & Visualization, 2 days, 30 minutes

Start working on scripture book