Happy Early Birthday to Us!


Joe and I are both going to be celebrating our birthdays this week. He’s celebrating his 34th on Thursday, I’ll be 30 on Saturday.  This week we’re going to be really busy until next Sunday. Joe is on call and has a busy schedule in general, we’ve got a Sunday school Christmas party, I’m working an extra day, we have a doctors appointment, I have a much needed hair cut, we’ve got to get some presents wrapped, the house has to be cleaned, pants need to be hemmed, and much more! So last night we took a little time to celebrate our birthdays. We went out to Bruno Seafood and Steaks out in Wakefield/North Raleigh, probably our favorite place locally!


We know Bruno’s wife, as well as the bartender (and manager so I read) Jimmy. The rest of the staff there is incredibly curteous. The food has an Italian flare and is delicious!  The fried calamari is amazing- so tender, perfectly cooked. Its one of our two favorite places to get calamari (the other is in Charleston). Another favorite we have there is their lobster ravioli. I’ve never had ravioli this amazing. The noodles are perfectly cooked, the sauce is mouth-watering, and a few shrimp are added to top of the dish.

Last night I chose to have the chicken parmesan. The portions are huge! So far I’ve made two meals from it, with enough to last me through lunch tomorrow! Joe had filet and said it was really good! Someone near us ordered the jumbo lobster (which was a special last night) and let me tell you… I have NEVER seen a lobster so huge! I had to do a double take when I caught it from the corner of my eye!

Seriously, if you’re in the Raleigh area and are looking for a great place to have dinner this is it! Bruno’s is a classy, small environment,  and the service is excellent! If you do decide to go, make reservations!

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