Do You Have Weekly Goals?



Money Saving Mom, one of my favorite websites, has encouraged people to break down my goals each weekly. When people make New Years Resolutions, it’s about this the second through fourth week of the year that their resolutions or goals start falling apart. Something happens and it’s hard to accomplish ____. And then not being intentional about doing it, its easy to fall back into old habits. So look at your big picture/big goals for 2012. Sometimes it can seem overwhelming, but if you start breaking it down into small pieces, it may just be a little easier. If your goal is to lose 25lbs this year, instead of focusing on those 25 lbs which can seem unattainable right now, commit to simply going to the gym/working out 2-4 days this week, or make your goal this week to eat vegetables with dinner five out of seven nights. If your goal is to save $1000 this year, it can seem too lofty a goal this second week. Maybe this week promise to take your lunch 3 days during week and bank the $10 or so extra that you would have spent on eating out.

Break your big goals down into smaller, more obtainable ones! MSM suggests having 5-10 weekly goals.

My Goals for January 8-14 (updated throughout the week)

Reading list:

(1) Finish reading Natural Childbirth the Bradley Way (finished 1/10) and start reading Crazy Love (started 1/10)


(2) Clean kitchen table, island, and desk

(3) Iron all linens that need to be folded and put away

Putting together a nursery:

(4) Move all furniture currently in there out this weekend


(5) Cook new recipe on Wednesday night

Working out:

(6) Go to the gym Tuesday and Friday

Studying God’s word more:

(7) Work on weekly church chapter

Preparing for childbirth:

(8) Spend at least 20 minutes 3 times this week working on relaxation methods

Other goals to accomplish:

(9) Continue to keep the television turned off if I’m not actively watching it. In the past week alone, I’ve realized how much more keeping the tv off has helped me keep focused and on task.

(10) Schedule newborn pictures Finished 1/10

(11) Subscribe to the Sunday newspaper Finished 1/10

I have 11, but those last three really are easy goals!  Work on making short list for your own goals this week and see how well you do!

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  1. Love the relaxation prepping goal! With my second, I had a very rough pregnancy and, much to my dislike, a planned c-section. But with my first, this REALLY helped. I ended up having a completely natural, unmedicated child birth. It was the best experience of my life! Best of luck to you:)

    • Good luck with the excercising! Since I’ll be leaving work once we have our baby, I won’t have access to free coupons (someone gives me theirs right now!). I can lock in right now for $1.08 per week, so I thought it best to go for it! Plus, I’ll easily save five times that over the course of the year!

  2. Hi,
    I linked to you through Blogelina’s Blogging Class,I’m a member as well!

    Congrats on your baby and setting up a nursery,it will be fun!
    You have good goals and I wish you the best of luck!

    I hope you can stop by my blog to say hello and feel free to follow —> Shannon’s Tales of Motherhood

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