Mile Markers- 26 weeks


How far along? 26 weeks

How big is Baby L? The size of a head of lettuce, and he weighs (approximately) a little under two pounds

Best Moment recently? So many to count. Honestly it has to be yesterday. I was reading our weekly chapter from the Bible that we’re working on through church. This week it is John 17, regarding Jesus praying for others. As I was reading it out loud, our little guy started kicking pretty hard. He’s not moved around very much lately, so its been stressing me out. Apparently reading the Bible out loud to him makes him move. It was so neat to watch my stomach bounce up and down as he kicked and moved around! There was also a moment last night I had Joe put his hand on my stomach to see if he could feel the baby move. He gently jostled my stomach and got a nice strong kick back!

Name? We’ve gone through names a few more times, and came to the conclusion that our handful of names are the ones we’re sticking with. For this week, we’ll call him Charlie Brown.

What we’re looking forward to most? Third trimester in a few weeks! It is so hard for us to believe we’re almost there. What a blessing from the Lord this has been!

What we’re reading & how we’re preparing? I (Emily) have almost finished reading Natural Hospital Birth, which I haven’t been overly excited about. There are a number of high points, but I still like the Bradley books better. I’m also reading through a few nursing books that the lactation consultant Joe works with has loaned me! Joe is reading/studying through The Bradley Method book. We’ve been talking about a few things as far as labor/delivery is concerned.

Other? These past two weeks have been very busy! Our crib and dresser are in place. The crib wasn’t too hard to put together. We’ve got a glider that we’ll be putting together soon (we just need to clear some cardboard and styrofoam out-of-the-way!) Our little guy’s new closet system has been installed and we’re super thrilled about that! The installation lady said that, while it’s not the fanciest closet she’s seen, it is by far the most practical closet system she has installed to date. Thats what we were going for in the design! I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on wooden shelves when the metal ones would work just as well. Our biggest goal was to have something very practical, something that would grow with our little guy over the years. For now, there are low bars where he’ll be able to reach and learn to hang his clothes up. There is a low shoe rack where he’ll be able to put away his own shoes. There are two drawers so he’ll be able to put away things, such as toys, sweaters, etc.

A few pictures for your viewing pleasure. Sorry most of them are a bit blurry…

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  1. How precious! I just found out I’m going to be an aunt for the 5th time. New life is so exciting. My sister and brother-in-law read aloud to their children in the womb. So far, they are both interested in having books read to them (at ages 20-month and 8-month). I think reading to them before they were born may have made them enjoy reading now!

    • Thanks and Congratulations! We both love to read (our house is filled with books!). I’m hoping our little guy will love to read too!

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