Pregnancy & Life, and How They Impact Goals


In less than 48 hours, I will step into a territory I never imagined I’d get to…the third trimester of pregnancy. Years of infertility left me with the fear that my turn my never come. Of course I always prayed and trusted that God would provide if it were His will, but still that fear resided deep within. Right now I’m feeling completely in awe of God’s blessing on my/our life. I cannot wait to meet our little guy in a few short weeks. Each time I feel him moving inside, I am more and more thankful for this gift we’ve been given.

As excited as I am about bringing our little guy into the world, I’m feeling an equal amount of anxiety. It isn’t anxiety about how we’ll handle things or if we’ll be good parents. I’m sure those feelings may arise later. Right now I’m concerned about preparing our home for him. I know I will accomplish the important things and everything else really isn’t important in the big scope of life!

Right now, however, there are things on my “to do” list that I need to get accomplished, for my mental well-being. My house is not organized, which, for me, is a sign that I’m not organized. Or at least thats how I feel! I have too much mental clutter!!! There are so many things going on outside of pregnancy and goals that cloud my brain, too many distractions, unnecessary adult drama, etc.  This past week I accomplished one thing on my goals list. One out of nine. Normally I would be frustrated with myself. But last week was an exception to the rule. Life happened, and I needed to let it happen. I lost a lady that impacted my life and my family’s life in a big way. I needed to take the time mourn and take the time to celebrate. And thats what I did. I also realized that I need to take it a little easier on myself, especially for my emotional well-being.

Throughout everything, Joe has stood by my side, encouraging and supporting me. I wish I could write it all out here, but let’s put it like this- don’t bother entering your husband for the Husband of the Year competition, because mine will embarrass yours!

As I thought about making my goals list for this week, I contemplated just posting the same ones I did for last week, since I didn’t really accomplish anything. But as life happens, certain things take precedence. I may have a lot on my list for this week, but its important for me that I get somewhere in my goals. I mentally need to feel accomplished!


Goals for 2/19-2/25

Household organization

Break down and haul away remaining cardboard and styrofoam from all of the nursery furniture (believe me, there is a ton!)

-Clean living room

-Clean kitchen

-Replace lightbulbs in upstairs hallway

Make monthly menu for March

Reading list

Finish reading A New Mother’s Journal: God Knits and Weaves Psalm 139:13-15 (a book on loan from one of Joe’s colleagues)

Pick a new book and start reading. The only requirement is that it has to be unrelated to pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, or becoming a mom. I’ve read quite a few of these lately and I need a change for a few days!


-Read Bible with Joe 3 nights during the week

-Spend quality time with each other, away from tv, computer, and other distractions



Dust blinds

Remove all things not related to the baby!

Search for decor if time permits

Attend class at pediatrician’s office (Joe’s office, of course!)

Take and hopefully pass my glucose test – Failed my test, totally bummed about it too!

Health/Mental Well-Being/Preparing for Natural Birth

-Workout at least twice, aim for three times – Only managed one 5 mile walk.

-Work on relaxation and visualization two times, 30 minutes each – Relaxed once

Take a relaxing bath!

Life in general

-Prepare and deliver dinner to friends who recently had a baby


Make a Paula Deen recipe if I pass my glucose test! – I made it, even though I didn’t pass my test

Enter reward points on My Coke Rewards

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