Feeling thankful, blessed


I was really bummed yesterday when I got the phone call from my doctor’s office letting me know that I had failed my 3-hour glucose test. I felt like a complete failure to our little guy. I knew genetically I was set up for it-a lot of the women in my family have had it. But it still doesn’t take away the sting. I want to protect my son with every ounce of my being. I don’t want any harm to come to him, before he enters the world or after. I know God’s hand is in control, for that I am thankful.

But I can’t not begin to tell you how blessed I feel. God gave me the most incredible husband on the planet. Joe is amazing. He’s incredibly supportive. He listens to me through the blubbering, tearful sobs when I feel like a failure and reassures me that I am not a failure and that everything will be ok. He’s stepped up so much lately and helped me with things I normally do, even though he’s been incredibly busy himself. When I’m stressed and in pain, he calms me and helps me relax. He reminds me that God is in control and that by putting my trust in Him, I have nothing to worry about.

I love you Joe, so much!

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