10 weeks, and a lot left to do



I can’t believe we’re pretty much at the ten week mile marker. Ten weeks left before my due date! Praise the Lord for this gift He has given us!

With only ten weeks left, I really want to make sure every bit of my time is wisely used. Which probably means I need to stay off Pinterest more! A lot of last weeks goals were accomplished, though there were some that didn’t quite make it there. This week is a new week and we’re going to get things done! The past week did have a few positives. I met with the dietician to get a plan for gestational diabetes and found out I’ll have another ultrasound this week to make sure our little guy is growing appropriately. When I met with her and the staff there, I was taught how to test my sugar 4 times a day. Thankfully, my numbers were really well the rest of the week, so she’s cutting me back to only testing twice a day now. I’m very thankful for less finger pricks.

I was told that I exhaust some with my lists and all my cleaning, etc. My husband, who is very much accurate, says I have household ADHD. I start something, get distracted and then end up with a pile of clothes in the bathroom sink while I do something else. Having my goal list is the only way I stay semi-focused. And my house is no way spotless. I wish I could say it was. In fact, I will occassionally watch an episode of Hoarders to make myself feel better.)

Goals for 3/4- 3/10

Household organization-

-Reorganize laundry room – Halfway finished!

-Weather permitting, clean outside of living room windows

Clean out and reorganize freezer in preparation for freezer cooking later this month

Take freezer cooking menu and begin to make grocery list

Dust living room

Sweep down, vacuum up

Reading list-

-I’m not going to plan anything for this week. If I have some down time, I may pick up another breastfeeding book that I have or go by the library and see if they have any good diabetic cook books that I can scan through.


Spend time together- away from tv, computer, etc.

Read Bible together 3 nights during the week

Nursery/Having a baby-

Wash first round of baby stuff

Research and possibly buy nursing bras

-Put away all gifts, once all thank you cards have been written

See our little guy again thanks to another ultrasound

Health/Mental Well Being/Preparing for Natural Childbirth-

Relaxation & Visualization, 2 days, 30 minutes each

Workout at least twice

-WATER WATER WATER WATER WATER WATER. I’ve got to drink more water! – I did fairly well. 3 days I met my goals, 2 days I could have done better!

Life in general-

-Take typed letter for Compassion child and hand write it! Mail it off!

Finish second half of baby shower thank you notes!

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  1. I was just skimming down your list and noticed the nursing bra item. I would recommend that you definitely buy one, maybe two, now and then wait to buy any more. There is no telling how things will change in that area when your milk comes in. They, well, can take on a life of their own at that point.:) So I wouldn’t recommend sinking a lot of money into them before you know exactly what you are dealing with. Plus you will prob develop some definite preferences on how stretchy they are/should be and how they open (like flap down vs flap to the side). I do recommend finding a good nighttime nursing bra because sleeping in some bras can be downright painful, and believe me you don’t want to go w/o one. At first you may want and need to sleep in the full support day time bra, but in time you will want something soft/comfortable that just holds your nursing pads in place.

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