Freezer Cooking-The Mental Prep


With a 10 weeks left, I’ve got A LOT I want to accomplish. One of these things is decorating the nursesry, another is cleaning/reorganizing the house, and the other is freezer cooking. Our freezer isn’t huge, but I want to utilize some of our space to at least store away a few dinners. I’ve been doing some research to figure out what it easiest to pop in and out of the freezer, and will cook up well. And along with freezer meals, I want to store away a few snacks as well. Money Saving Mom, Life as Mom, Pinterest, and a few other sites have been super helpful.

Hopefully during early April I will be able to tackle a number of these meals & snacks and get them stored away before the baby arrives! Here’s a rough outline of my plan so far:


Baked Oatmeal

Cinnamon Scone mix

Lunch and dinner meals:

-Spaghetti sauce with meatballs and sausages

-Spaghetti sauce for additional meals

Pizza dough

Twice baked potatoes

-Baked ziti

-Shepherd’s Pie


Burritos (maybe)


Desserts & Snacks:


Chocolate chip granola bars


-Banana Bread


I’ve also got a ton of fruit currently in the freezer. Since I can’t consume a lot right now due to the gestational diabetes diagnosis, I think I’ll make packets for smoothies.

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