Act the way you want to feel, & weekly goals


Even though I’ve only been making my way SLOWLY through The Happiness Project, I feel like I am realizing a little something. One of the things that has really stood out to me is the approach that if you want to be happy, you have to make the effort to act happy. The author convinces herself that taking a more happy approach to how she responds to her children can drastically change how they will react, in the end, determining how everyone’s moods will be impacted. I feel the need to conduct my own little experiments with this, right now, and definitely after the baby is born (its hard to feel like an athlete when you’ve got a big belly and a baby pressing down on your insides).

I think a lot of the way people feel is based not only on self-confidence, but the attitudes of those around them. If you’re surrounded by people who talk negatively about themselves and others, its pretty easy to fall into that same routine. For example, if I want to feel pretty, maybe I should start with my attitude and determine what is pretty to me. And instead of throwing my hair up into a pony tail with no effort to how I look, maybe I should let my hair flow freely and add some eye makeup, or a piece of jewelry outside of what I normally would wear.

If I want to start feeling athletic again (post baby), maybe I shouldn’t sit on my tush, playing on Pinterest. Maybe I should get out there and begin walking….which eventually will turn into jogging and then running again. And possibly, I should lift more weights.

Maybe the author is right, maybe my decision to act the way I want to feel will not only change my attitude, but will positively impact those around me. We’ll find out:)

Last week was a whirlwind of activity. After I made my goals list, I ended up changing my mind as to some things I needed, and wanted, to get done. Priorities change…sometimes by the minute.

We ended up having part of our house painted, the parts I never finished. I cannot begin to explain to you the weight lifted off my shoulders now that its finished. Its also a blessing because our painter was able to patch some holes the builder mysteriously covered up when he hung the light above the bathroom vanity…the holes that have been bugging me for years after we put new lights in. Even more of a blessing, our painter (who can obviously do more than paint) gave us a price quote on putting flooring (or boards) down throughout our attic. We need space to store things, and we don’t want to turn our garage into a storage facility. This is going to be perfect for us so we can store the million empty Rubbermaid containers we have up there, and the extra boxes of clothes (the ones I swear I’m going to get back into once I become that athlete again!). Marking those three things off my project list is a huge accomplishment!

With the help of Joe’s dad, we were also able to tackle a few other household projects- hanging a ceiling fan in the nursery and shortening the dryer vent hose so it doesn’t stick out into the middle of the laundry room. This week, I want to finish up some more freezer cooking and tackle a few of the items on my project list that I’ve identified as possible to achieve before the baby is born. We’ve also got our second shower coming up, so I’ll be preparing for that, as well as loading up items to take to my mom for her yard sale!

Goals for 3/25 -3/31

Household organization-

Sort and pack up items for mom’s yard sale

Clean floors down, stairwell, and bathroom from the paint/dust

Clean kitchen counters

Finally replace lightbulbs in upstairs hallway

Wash down deck and front porch from the yellow green pollen cloud that looms over us

-Clean bonus room (halfway finished)

Reading list-

-Continue to read through The Happiness Project

Nursery/Having a baby-

Finish freezer cooking

Health/Natural Birth Prep-

-Workout at least twice (only got there once, crazy schedule)

Meet water goals 5 days during the week

Relaxation/Visualization/Breathing techniques, 2 days, 25 minutes


Read Bible together at least 1 night during the week

Life in general-

Get a hair cut!

Return items to Lowes and purchase needed supplies

Write next round of thank you notes

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