An Organized Closet


Back in January or February I decided that one of my organization projects would be our linen closet. While it wasn’t horrid, it needed a little TLC and a little more of a “system” to it. After I embarked on the journey, I quickly realized that I wanted/needed some sort of storage baskets to house items. Using Pinterest, I came up with a few different ideas. The only problem was finding baskets that were 1) my “style”, 2) affordable, 3) easily attainable.

After a few weeks of searching, I finally found baskets I loved from The Container Store. I decided to run by after work one day to pick them up, but was quickly disheartened when I saw they were out of stock.  I came home and went to their website to purchase them there…again, out of stock. I decided to put the project on hold because I loved the baskets that much. But my hold went from two weeks back order to almost two months on back order.

I eventually went into the store to ask about the baskets and the cashier told me I could go ahead and order them, and as soon as they were available in the warehouse, they would ship my order to the store. So I did. And I also stalked the website (which is really accurate, by the way) to see when they’d be available in my local store. The day they became available, I went to the store to inquire about my order. It was there and ready for me to pick it up. They didn’t even have time to call me!

So my project was finally back under way! A few months later than planned, but I was finally able to get it done! I wish I had before pictures, but I don’t. Just imagine your average closet was stuff stacked, piled, and shoved in…with no organization to it whatsoever.

– The top shelf houses a sleeping bag, pillows (more will be returned there, post pregnancy), our travel cooler for our car (an unexpected, yet very useful wedding gift we received), and a queen duvet cover that has been shrunk to the size of a towel

-The second shelf keeps our blankets and quilts

-The third and fourth shelfs are home to these baskets… which contain sheets organized by size, hand towels and wash cloths, extra curtains, kitchen/dining linens, etc.

-The floor is MUCH more organized now than it was before, and these wheeled baskets are the reason why. One basket is home to our TP (which, when you buy in bulk, can easily get out of control!). The other basket contains our beach towels, travel towels, and a bag with all of my cleaning rags.  Extra boxes of tissues fit right in between! (Note: I also purchased another one of these baskets to corral our paper products for our pantry. Its working out beautifully!)

I also loved the idea of using the doors for added storage, an idea I found on Pinterest. I purchased a towel bar on the clearance rack at Lowes and had my father-in-law trim the bar down to the size I needed. The bar now keeps our table runners nice and straight so I don’t have to iron them again when I want to use them.

While the linen closet project was on hold, I decided that the laundry room needed a little TLC too. The main reason behind this was because with a little baby on the way, we didn’t want any chemicals stored near the floor. Once again, to The Container Store I went. I love when they have sales, because I can stock up on things much cheaper!  Again, no before picture, but here is the result of my efforts:

Everything now has a home and everything is in its home! Sure I could have done it without the bins, but it feels so much more organized now than it did! I’m also able to really keep an account of how much of a product I have. I was buying Febreeze Air Effects like you wouldn’t believe (thanks to sales + coupons). I don’t use THAT much, so I need to stop buying it, even when I get it so cheap. Now if I don’t have the room, it doesn’t get purchased!

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