My Little Grunter


My child grunts. And moans. And cries. And whimpers… all in his sleep. And he does it VERY loudly. Sometimes its cute though…when he starts laughing like crazy. He also does this when he’s nursing, being fed a bottle, or the rare moment he’s got a paci (which he’s not too fond of, praise the Lord!). And the crazy thing is, there is nothing we can do to quiet him down. I love him like crazy, but man, he is noisy!

Joe and I are living in zombie like states right now. Jonathan’s sleep/eat schedule is chaotic. He wakes every hour and a half to two hours after the end of each feeding ready for more (I try to keep him asleep up to three hours if possible, but that rarely works) He cluster feeds twice a day, usually once late at night, sometimes lasting up to four hours in duration! We’ve obviously started supplementing with formula because my body just can’t keep up. It’s a rare thing if I get to pump.

Since he’s so noisy and fussy late at night, I’ve been sleeping part of the night in our bonus room to allow Joe the opportunity to get a little sleep since he has to work. Jonathan sleeps MUCH better, and definitely quieter if he’s being held or sleeping on my chest. However, I’m trying not to get him in the habit of only sleeping peacefully when being held. Yes, he’s just a little baby, but this mama needs a little sleep in order to function. And by little, I’m not talking 6 or 7 hours. I’d be fine with 4 or 5 hours total of sleep!

I’m thankful that a lot of days Joe will allow me the luxury of one hour of uninterrupted sleep. If he wakes up early enough and Jonathan’s being loud, he’ll take him out of the room for a while so I can sleep. Typically Jonathan’s still sleeping, so he’ll hold him as he’s reading/doing his Bible study/quiet time for the day.

Everyone says it gets easier. I know it does and will. I know at some point sleep will come in longer stretches. I’m just praying its soon:) And if you send me messages and I don’t reply, its because I’m fairly sleep deprieved and can’t remember to write you back unless its at 3am…when I’m barely able to keep my eyes open while nursing. So please, be understanding and forgive me!

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