First bath


Thankfully last night was a little better in terms of sleep. Granted, Jonathan likes to eat for an hour, sleep for an hour…repeat, repeat, repeat. We had just started watching an episode of The Brady Bunch on dvd when I finished feeding him. Joe burped him while I gathered my night-time necessities (breast pump, bottles, formula, paci, phone, etc). Within minutes Jonathan was passed out! Joe suggested we skip the tv watching and go straight to bed…at 8pm. I was all for it! Thankfully the little one joined in our sleep fest and gave me two good hours of sleep before waking up. Afterwards, the feeding cries came every hour after I put him back down.

And then around 5am, he cried out again. Except this time I was way too exhausted to move. I kept telling myself “you’ve got to get out of bed and go feed Jonathan.” Except the message never translated to my body. And not only did I fall back asleep, so did he! Thankfully, because I would have felt bad if he would have kept crying like he normally does and woken Joe. So I was able to get another two-hour stint of sleep!

Here are a few pictures from two weeks ago when we gave Jonathan his first bath. Clearly I’m behind on posting. I will continue to use sleep deprivation as my reasoning for not getting things accomplished! It’s not an excuse, but a legitimate reason!


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