The Story Behind Baby Spock


Just for the record (or for our record) I wanted to document about our baby Spock picture.

I knew during our entire struggle with infertility that if the day ever came, I wanted Christine at Dimples and Curls Photography to do pictures. Her studio is near my family, so it would be perfect to have pictures done and see family! Christine’s pictures made my longing for a baby stronger and stronger…how can you not want a baby when there are such cute, adorable pictures like she does!

When our time came and I was trying to come up with ideas to give Melissa (Christine’s sister, and staff member). I asked Joe what kind of things he wanted- beach/tropical, Star Trek/Wars, etc.  He, somewhat jokingly, said that it’d be pretty cool if they could dress Jonathan up like a baby Spock. I told Melissa this, as well as a number of other suggestions. We were pretty flexible with our requests. We wanted brighter, more vibrant pictures. We enjoy fun things, so we didn’t want this to be a boring session.

Our session was pretty great. It would have only been better had Jonathan cooperated. We drove the three hours down (which took five due to having to stop to nurse and construction traffic) and Jonathan slept pretty much the entire trip down. That meant he didn’t want to sleep for pictures. Our four hour session turned into six and we only got a few shots of a sleepy baby! Thankfully Christine and Millie (Christine’s mom, and prop extraordinaire) were so gracious and patient with us, and so gentle with Jonathan.

Millie, who runs Newblet Knittings, did create for us the Spock hat! I saw it sitting to the side early in the session and was so happy! Daddy deserved to have a say in the pictures, even if he was initially joking! The last set of shots we did that day were of Spock. We picked a blue fabric from their stash that was almost identical to Spock’s uniform. They decided to snip a little portion of the fabric off and make a swaddle wrap out of it.

I cannot believe the overwhelming response Jonathan’s picture has had on the internet. It honestly blows my mind! Christine originally posted the picture on her Facebook page. Apparently before she went to bed for the evening she was shocked that there were 87 “shares” of the picture. Little did she realize (or did I realize) that there would end up being close to 600 shares and almost 500 “likes”.

The story then got a little crazier! A few people shared the picture with actor George Takei. Takei played Lt. Sulu on the original Star Trek series, alongside Spock’s Leonard Nimoy. A little over 48 hours later, Takei shared Jonathan’s Spock picture on his Facebook page and titled it “The Next Generation.” Holy cow, the response!!! As of this morning, two days later, there are close to 51,000 “likes”, close to 13,000 “shares”, and almost 1,400 comments.

Mind. Blowing.

I have a six week old son who has made his mark on the internet!

The comments have mostly been encouraging and wonderful. Of course there are the few rude and crude people out there. Sadly, thats the fallen world we live in. We love our little guy like CRAZY! (Remember, we fought for years to have a baby!) We simply wanted to have a little fun with his pictures and we’re thankful to Christine and Millie for allowing us to have a little fun.

And to those people who say our son will grow up hating us for dressing him up like this? I doubt that will be the case. He just had a famous Hollywood actor, one that was a part of cult classic series, acknowledge him on the internet. Millions of people have seen his picture before he turned six weeks old!

We’re glad that we could work with Christine and Millie and we’re thankful that this has brought so much positive support for both of their small businesses. If you’re in the Charlotte area (or NC/SC area for that matter) and are looking for a newborn photographer, I highly recommend Dimples and Curls! And if you’re interested in the Spock hat, you can order your own from Newblet Knittings!

Dimples and Curls Photography

Newblet Knittings

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  1. I am so excited to have such a wonderful family to share this experience with. It has been a dream come true for all of us and we couldn’t be more appreciative for the idea you gave us that has turned into a national (worldwide?) hit! Not to mention, Jonathan made the PERFECT Spock! xoxo, Christine Bryk

  2. Your son is beautiful! As a photographer myself, I fallow Christine & always recognize her work even before I see her name on it. When I saw this photo, I had to share it on both my personal & business page. Good luck with your precious baby & his internet fame. And don’t let the negative comments get to you. You are very blessed!

  3. I “know” Christine, through the internet only, and I am so excited about the response this has gotten for her!! She is amazing!
    Your son is adorable, and the picture is amazing. I was reading through the comments on George Takei’s page and couldn’t believe how negative some people were. I mean, it’s not like you’re doing anything permanent to your son – you dressed him up for a picture?! Big deal! Anyway, I wanted to say I can relate, because my daughter had been in the spotlight for a magazine cover around the age of 1, and people are just unbelievable. They can just take the joy and excitement right away from you, in a once in a lifetime moment like this. I know I kept dwelling on all the negative things, it’s hard not to when it’s your baby. But just enjoy the moment, and show off that handsome little dude. This is exciting stuff – be proud parents!!! – Megan

  4. I am a family member of Christine’s, we are just so proud of her and were just blown away at the response to the picture. I also think your blog is beautiful. Thanks so much for posting it, I really enjoyed reading it. Congratulations to you and your husband on having such a precious little miracle. We wish you all the luck for the future!

  5. I am so thrilled for you! Christine will be photographing Kenna soon after she graduates from the NICU. (I know a little something about having a famous baby. Overwhelming, isn’t it?) Thinking of you. The picture is amazing. (I, too, am guilty of sharing it.) Hugs!

  6. What an amazing picture! I wish we had thought of something so fun and creative when our baby girl had her newborn photos taken. Congratulations on your little miracle! Hopefully the fame doesn’t go to his head! (lol):)

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