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Can I share a secret with you guys? It’s getting harder and harder to get things accomplished. Or at least the motivation to get things done is getting harder to come by. I’ve been completely exhausted in the evenings and finding that I could go to sleep by 8:00. As soon as we get in bed, my head hits the pillow and I’m SOUND asleep. With less than twelve weeks until my due date, I’ve really got to get moving! And to top it off, my schedule is changing!!! Instead of working three mornings a week, I’m going to be doing two evenings for a few weeks. I’m not exactly thrilled about it, but work is short staffed in the evenings. This may mean more morning time to get things done, but I don’t think that its going to help my motivation.

I *almost* accomplished all of my goals for last week. Losing one of my mornings off for my glucose test took away from my time to get things done. This week I’m on a normal schedule, but have to meet with a dietician for the gestational diabetes, have the pest control people come do their quarterly spray, and take my car to get serviced. Which combined, takes up A LOT of spare time I have.

Goals for 2/26- 3/3

Household organization-

-Finish cleaning the kitchen

-Call and schedule painter

Clean all blinds downstairs

-Replace light bulbs in upstairs hallway  This will have to wait for another week or two. My step stool is currently being utilized for other purposes. No big deal

Reading list-

Finish A Million Miles in a Thousand Years


-Read Bible together 3 nights during the week. We’ve really got to make this a priority again. We’ve been so busy lately, Joe’s had to work late, and the excuses continue. No more!

Spend time together, away from computer, tv, etc.  I guess you can say we accomplished this. The time was spent trying to figure out what meals we normally cook that can be adjusted to fit the diet I need to follow in order to keep the gestational diabetes under control.


Visit with dietician to get a plan for handling gestational diabetes

-Put away things in nursery as thank you cards are written

Health/Mental Well-Being/Prepping for Natural Birth-

Relaxation & Visualization techniques 2 times, 30 minutes each

Workout at least twice

-Drink 4 glasses of water, 4 days during week (I’m really bad at getting my water in. I need to hang out with my friend Rebekah to overcome this problem). FAILED again. Got pretty close with most days ending at 3 big glasses.

Life in general-

-Write to our Compassion child

Get car serviced

-Write at least 1/2 of thank you notes