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Home Sweet Home, Bed Sweet Bed


I love going on vacation, but it never fails that the last day or so, I start longing for my own bed. And my own shower. I know I can’t be the only one that feels this way!

Joe and I were able to get away for a few days, which was definitely much-needed. We headed up to Williamsburg- Joe had never been and I’ve not been since high school. Our first day was spent at Busch Gardens. I wasn’t feeling well, so I didn’t ride any coasters. Joe rode Griffon and then called the coasters quit. Guess it’s not so fun when you ride alone! We did do a few of the other rides, and watched Mix It Up. Even though we didn’t ride a ton of things, it was nice to get relax and take our time walking around.

Friday, I was feeling a bit better when we went to Water Country USA. We did a number of the rides there, but definitely didn’t do things like Vanish Point! We did, however, watch those that chose to ride. Major wedgie ride! I did witness a number of fashion no-no’s, so much that I could publish a book. Plus sized women, hear me now! We should never, ever wear bikinis that expose our stomachs and practically our entire chests to the world. And wearing a white t-shirt over it is not acceptable either! There are incredibly flattering swimsuits built just for us! And parents, never should you ever put your infant (~6 months old) on a ride with you. It’s just plain stupid. Your child could have been hurt very badly, all so you could have a few moments of fun!

Saturday and Sunday, Joe and I spent at Colonial Williamsburg. We took in a lot of history, went to dinner at Christiana Campbell’s Tavern, and went on a ghost walk. One of the things that I enjoyed was going to the cabinet maker’s shop. They had built a harpsichord, which Joe spent some time playing. They do make things and sell them to the public, or you can order some of the items the different shops around the town make. A harpsichord (which takes almost a year to build) will run you about $40,000-$50,000. And they have a waiting list about 40 persons long. I also enjoyed spending time at the weaver’s shop!

If you’re ever in Williamsburg, you should definitely go to Food For Thought. We went there Thursday night (conveniently located across from our hotel), and really enjoyed it. Especially their sweet potato cornbread. I’m already researching how to best go about making it since the chef wouldn’t  part with his recipe (yes, I asked!).  The Cheese Shop with the Colonial Marketplace is definitely a must stop! We had really great sandwiches Saturday and Sunday. They also have amazing sweet potato chips! Our last night in town, we went to The Trellis, also in Colonial Marketplace. It was pretty good. They had great cornbread and pretzel rolls to start with. They get you with the drinks though. If you want soda, you get a warm can with a glass of ice, and you pay by the can. For dinner, Joe had a pork with a rootbeer au jus, which he enjoyed. I had the shrimp and grits. It was ok….but our local seafood joint has MUCH better shrimp and grits! We treated ourselved to dessert-Death by Chocolate, which was AMAZING!

I’m glad we’re back though! The bottoms of my feet were purple by the end of Sunday night. Now I’m back, laundry is finished and I’ve got to clip coupons! Rumors told me that Harris Teeter is starting Triples tomorrow! I’ve got to be prepared! Joe and I are also having breakfast at Chick-fil-a tomorrow…FREE breakfast!


But the thing I’m most excited about? I’ve been invited to Southeastern (SEBTS) to hear David Platt speak this morning. His book, Radical, was on my wish list for a while. Before we left for vacation I saw it on sale (cheaper than Amazon) at Lifeway. I snagged it and started reading it while we were out of town. Ironically, our pastor started preaching on the topic this past weekend about being Radical (for Christ).